[Letux-kernel] [Gta04-owner] On camera driver

Andrey Utkin andrey_utkin at fastmail.com
Tue Aug 9 20:12:11 CEST 2016

On Tue, Aug 09, 2016 at 08:02:22PM +0200, H. Nikolaus Schaller wrote:
> I think the ISP driver should create them...

I'll look at it later when I have time.
ISP is synonymous to the camera, right? And the only driver involved is

> Ah, I don't mean corruption while not syncing (Debian poweroff/reboot does a
> clean sync) before reboot and having just a corrupt SD card. I mean corrupt
> source code compiled into a corrupt driver. Something like *((int 0))=0; and
> then reboot that one.
> Anyways the result is the same.

Understood you now :)
In such case ssh still would work, just manual reset is required for
recovery :) And hazardous driver should not get loaded automatically on

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