[Lenny400] More patches for linux-stable

Paul Boddie paul at boddie.org.uk
Thu Sep 7 01:28:55 CEST 2017

On Tuesday 5. September 2017 18.06.04 Paul Boddie wrote:
> On Tuesday 5. September 2017 17.58.39 Paul Boddie wrote:
> > 0001-JZ4730-updates.patch should apply to
> > a4e95753d1e98914d176932d7370ceda7aedffb0 in
> > remotes/origin/work/pboddie/mips/jz4730
> > 
> > 0001-Added-more-JZ4730-device-definitions.patch should apply to
> > 19b9f98f09b72de51f2c6efa2c7612802bb66406 in
> > remotes/origin/work/hns/mipsbook400/dt
> These are attached to this message.

I've since made some more changes, merging the above two branches locally, 
also combining the defconfig branch with them. I'm not sure I have the energy 
to maintain changes on three branches at the same time.

(I've done such things in my own Mercurial-based projects, but it sometimes 
seems to take minutes to switch branches in Git, and so it becomes more 
convenient to just manage things on a single branch.)

A patch applying to the first branch above is attached to this message. It 
should apply to changeset 297520e41a2a6fe622bfc32844502b61fb5e3bc4.

The patch incorporates all the changes in the previous two patches, but it now 
also adds a driver for I2C, and it merges and expands device tree definitions 
to compensate for the removal of code from the board and platform files.

I guess we should aim to have the framebuffer completely initialised from the 
device tree files, but I'm not sure if it can be done. Similarly with some of 
the other remaining devices.

Anyway, I hope this moves things on a bit.

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