[Lenny400] Patches for linux-stable

Paul Boddie paul at boddie.org.uk
Sat Sep 2 22:59:05 CEST 2017

On Saturday 2. September 2017 21.25.37 H. Nikolaus Schaller wrote:
> Maybe the repository on the server lost some file (although it should not
> be possible to happen due to journaled file system). I will run a git fsck
> there.
> Or you could try
> 	git clone http://git.goldelico.com/gta04-kernel.git
> Or even the github mirror
> 	git at github.com:goldelico/gta04-kernel.git

I just seem to get this kind of thing all the time these days. At one point, I 
just gave up cloning from GitHub and downloaded snapshots, it was that bad.


> Indeed. I don't see it as high priority. Especially since it is easy to
> brick the device by overwriting U-Boot. That is what I had started the
> L400-JTAG project long time ago but never finished. To be able to reflash
> the complete NAND in case of such a malheur.

Maybe we get this far, it is difficult to say at the moment.

Currently, I'm trying to figure some things out. For instance, the platform.c 
file contains device structures, as does the board file, but as you noted 
before, we should be able to get the device tree to create these structures 
for us, shouldn't we?

Another thing that seems like it might be a problem is deploying the device 
tree definition. I imagine that the U-Boot on the Minibook doesn't understand 
.dtb payloads. If not, which "append" option should we use? If it does, 
however, where do we put the .dtb file?


> Well, the way to get something working for the first time is always fun.
> Like climbing a mountain for the first time.
> The way to get it into kernel.org is the opposite :) Like climbing the same
> mountain over and over even in adverse weather and with a stopwatch in your
> neck...

I'm interested in alternatives to Linux for this and other reasons, but I 
guess I'll get back to them in good time.


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