[Lenny400] Ancient documentation and experiences

Paul Boddie paul at boddie.org.uk
Sat Jun 13 19:41:06 CEST 2015

I managed to waste some time today looking around for people's previous 
experiences with the netbook platform on which the Letux 400 is based, "waste" 
because it involved trawling the Small Linux Laptop forum for information: 
another reason why people should try and structure their discoveries, not just 
use forums for everything, and absolutely not just dump archives on random 
file-sharing sites (presumably with no corresponding sources, either).

Ultimately, I ended up updating the 3MX page on Wikipedia and fixing a lot of 
its unsourced commentary:


This happened because I read the following mailing list message:


It appears that the author of that message was the developer of 3MX.

The corresponding Wikipedia page now provides a fair amount of information 
about that particular software distribution, but I was more interested in the 
things I discovered along the way. One of these was a proposed source for 
replacement batteries (at least for the rather similar Elonex netbook 


Unfortunately, I haven't been able to make any further progress on booting 
replacement payloads from SD card today. It still isn't clear if U-Boot is 
successfully executing my payload.


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