[Gta04-owner] Problems seem to repeat...

H. Nikolaus Schaller hns at goldelico.com
Sat Dec 7 08:37:23 CET 2019

I just came across:


So they also ran into unexpected solder bridges which must be X-Rayed. This
sounds very very familiar to me...

With our experiences collected in the GTA04 project many years ago, I think it
is easy to fix - if you have enough money or can borrow money to make some
costly experiments with the production line setup.

But borrowing money requires a business model which promises future revenues.

Without money it needs a lot of creativity and time to replace the missing money.

Which leads to delay and delay and finally the product is working but obsolete
and only the brave initial sponsors remain. So there is nobody following up the
initial funding round.

The rule of thumb in consumer electronics is that there must be a successor
product (at least an upgraded version) every 1-2 years.

Let's see if Librem 5 can build up a sustainable business (unfortunately I have
difficulties to believe).


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