[Gta04-owner] Antwort: Re: Helldriving with basic and essential scripts

Sven Dyroff S.Dyroff at phytec.de
Mon Mar 5 14:00:51 CET 2018

Hello Nikolaus,

> Phew. Got an even longer answer but I hope it helps all of us to get 
back patience and enthusiasm.

many thanks for all your efforts! Meanwhile I again feel much better. 
Getting some distance helps very much.

Nevertheless I'll answer much more shortly in this mail. Thank you for all 
the technical hints and aspects. But I need much more time in order to get 
the head free again to think abaout them (and especially reload much more 
swap space into my short memory for this purpose...). At this time I can 
only tell you that I find all your arguments reasonable and traceable.

Will focus on much more general things in this mail.

> quality (testing) is what you really pay for in commercial software. 
There you can expect and request that there are no significant faults 
because you pay for.

Ooops! Did you ever use Windows? You'll find very early that Micro$oft 
uses you as cheap beta tester!

> See Windows updates for Meltdown/Spectre patches which freeze the PC. Or 
MacOS updates which looses the complete mailbox.

Exactly this is what I meant...    ;-)

> Yes, this is why I have invested so much personal time to get QtMoko 2 
compiling and running again.
> Because I think that it may be 8 years old, but it still is the best 
Phone GUI we have which is completely community driven.
> Replicant may be technically much more mature and has Fdroid with many 
apps, but we are still depending on API definitions set by Google.

I fully agree in every aspect!!! As long as you keep Finxi theme alive...  

> If you (and others) give more help, documentation and internet pages 
*can* be improved. If someone takes care of it.

My idea some years ago was to create my completely own pages in the 
internet about the GTA04, which advertise it so that it's really 
attractive and technically informative. But I never started this project, 
because more and more I came to the conclusion, that all the people who 
blame your pages to be "crap", in fact have a completely different or at 
least much deeper aversion than the look of your internet pages.

Meanwhile you can express the situation very clear and easy by just 
quoting some latest economic values:

In Germany every year 24 million smartphones are being sold. The 
population of Germany is about 80 million people, resulting in the 
following statistics:

- More than 60% own their smartphone less than one year.
- Less than 20% own their smartphone more than two years.
- Spending money for smartphones and accessories meanwhile will given much 
more priority than spending money for everything else, including clothes, 
food, etc. Only spending money for voyages will be seen as similar 

You can see the results every day in the pedestrian areas and busses of 
our cities: People in uncharitable and cheap clothes like jogging pants 
staying, sitting or walking around without notifying anything else except 
the displays of their phones and without doing anything else than typing 
something on them.

Meanwhile my opinion to all that is: This is not anymore just a hype. This 
already is psychopathic!

You'll need an army of doctors in order to therapy that heavy addiction!

Or alternatively you can just consider all the extremely seldom and hard 
to get materials that are inside these phones. Materials, where you need 
to dig over thousands of tons of rocks in order to get some milligrammes 
of them. Of course by using machines driven by Diesel, not by solar power. 
And where you need millions of cubic metres of water in order to wash 
these some few milligrammes out of the rubble. Not to mention all the 
other highly poisonous and aggressive chemicals. Not to meantion that 
nearly all of the countries where these materials come from are contries 
which are affected by war.

Then just think about the possibility that mother earth might say "Enough 
is enough!" and nature modifies the climate some more, so that its voice 
can finally be heared by all people.

In worst case these people are such absorbed in their smartphones, that 
they first need to die before they notice that facebook (German: 
"Fratzebuch") is nothing else than a giant gully for energy of live.

> Please contribute to that work! You are really welcome.
> As soon as you have more time to spend on it. We did wait 5 years so 
there is no need to hurry.

I'm still in love with QtMoko's Finxi theme. And I'm still hoping that 
Neo900 will be available some day, so that my 450 EUR will not be lost. 
But perhaps you now got a little impression that my priorieties currently 
are a little bit different...

Nevertheless will reserve some time for you, as soon as you reworked the 
makesd script.   ;-)

> BR and sorry again for the trouble. If we meet some time in person, I'll 
spend you a beer :)

Is it naughty to tell you that I don't like beer? I'm not from Bavaria, 
I'm from Rheingau. So I prefer wine and especially cocktails. Do Bavarians 
know what a Pina Colada is...   ;-)

Best regards
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