[Gta04-owner] QtMoko reloaded

Sven Dyroff S.Dyroff at phytec.de
Thu Mar 1 16:38:53 CET 2018

Hello Nikolaus,

> So I'd suggest that you just make a fresh qtmoko+kernel SD card with 
makesd, but without u-boot:
> DEV=/dev/sdb makesd qtmoko -r 
> This does not tamper with the boot-loader but adds the latest kernel for 
> This should not take too much time to give it a try.

if there's something that you'll learn very soon in IT, then the fact that 
everything will take much more longer than expected...

For me your one simple makesd-line resulted in the following:

1.) Assumed that my some years old makesd is completely outdated. So 
searched for a current one and found:


Thus did the folowing actions:

    wget -O makesd "
    chmod a+x makesd
    ./makesd -u

Success! Ok, that was easy.

2.) Clean the SD card with the v55 clone completely:

    sudo dd of=/dev/sdg if=/dev/zero bs=1M conv=fsync

After that all the partitions have been gone. Again easy success.

3.) Execute your suggestion:

    DEV=/dev/sdg makesd qtmoko -r 

Result: "Command makesd not found".

Ok, that's understandable. So modify your suggestion to:

    DEV=/dev/sdg ./makesd qtmoko -r 


    unknown option: -r 
    useage:    ...
    root file system (OS):
        -r <url>
        -r qtmoko
    macros for single partition cards:
        qtmoko = -f ext4 -r qtmoko -d all -k latest (does not need config)

Please advice ...    ;-)

Best regards
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