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H. Nikolaus Schaller hns at goldelico.com
Mon Jun 18 15:14:44 CEST 2018

Hi Eric,

> Am 16.06.2018 um 12:10 schrieb Eric Andre <eric.andre at rican.ch>:
> Hi Nikolaus,
> I often read this list as ancient freerunner owner but never write on
> it.

So thanks for first message!

> Personally, I am still stuck on my n900 as portable computer and phone
> (but mor phone these last 2 years) as I don't find anything really and
> easily usable on the +/-open and +/-free market. But the n900 becomes
> slow and hardly usable for surfing.

Yes, that is what the Neo900 project tried to address to some extent.
But it seems that they are stuck somehow. And speed improvements by
moving from OMAP3430 to DM3730 is in the 20-30% range. So if speed is
the problem it needs a significantly newer SoC. Which breaks binary
compatibility to Maemo/Fremantle which also seems to be a goal of the
Neo900 project. So they may have an overdetermined set of requirements.

> It is not that I am looking for a plug and play device. I made some boot
> transformations on the n900 (home encryption with secret activation on
> boot and empty profile if not activated, auto daily wifi clonage/backup
> on a second n900...), scripts ...
> But the machine should not consume more time on trying to make it work
> than on using it. My agenda changed and I prefer now taking care of my
> children than of my phone.

Yes, that is something that happens to almost anyone of us. But believe
me - this time will change again. At some point of time the children don't
want someone to take care. Then you need another child and come back...

> So, to answer your question "where do I spendmore time", it is on
> searching devices/projects to satisfy me needs in freedom and privacy. A
> phone and tablet on Linux. Simply. Just working as my pc works.

Well, this seems to be the key contradiction we face. It should just simply
work. Making something simply work is much more complex than making it
work but difficult to use. In open source, this needs volunteers to
jump in and move the thing from complex to simple. But there isn't much
benefit for them. They also have to take care of children and other things
and many prefer to invent something new instead of polishing and fixing
bugs. That is human (or engineer's) nature :)

> It is very economical as I never find nothing satisfying (except the 200
> ou 400€ i spent when I was believing in neo900).
> Maybe the fairphone but not all is really open and I don't know exactly
> howmuch we can get rid of the gafams.
> I also spent a lot of time in compiling a working Gentoo (thank of Willy
> Gardiol) on an Eepad (asus_tf700 tablet) for a work application (command
> and programmation of a motion control I built) but gave away due to a
> lack of real touch usability.
> Bref, lots of time, fun, low results sometimes.

This is also normal situation. People rarely talk about mistakes and
dead-end streets, but prefer to talk about achievements.

> Best regrds
> Eric

BR and thanks for responding,

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>> Hi all,
>> it is quite quiet on this list. Most likely you are all
>> enjoying Summertime (or Winter on the Southern hemisphere).
>> Nevertheless let me try to start a new discussion.
>> There are two options to start a discussion. One is by
>> throwing in a statement with high potential for conflicting
>> opinions.
>> The other one is to ask questions:
>> What are you currently working on (wrt. to Tinkerphones)?
>> What do you expect from doing this? What are you missing
>> most? What should happen to make you contribute here more
>> actively?
>> Best, Nikolaus
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