[Gta04-owner] Gta04-owner Digest, Vol 89, Issue 2

Eric Andre eric.andre at rican.ch
Sat Jun 16 12:10:48 CEST 2018

Hi Nikolaus,

I often read this list as ancient freerunner owner but never write on

Personally, I am still stuck on my n900 as portable computer and phone
(but mor phone these last 2 years) as I don't find anything really and
easily usable on the +/-open and +/-free market. But the n900 becomes
slow and hardly usable for surfing.
It is not that I am looking for a plug and play device. I made some boot
transformations on the n900 (home encryption with secret activation on
boot and empty profile if not activated, auto daily wifi clonage/backup
on a second n900...), scripts ...
But the machine should not consume more time on trying to make it work
than on using it. My agenda changed and I prefer now taking care of my
children than of my phone.

So, to answer your question "where do I spendmore time", it is on
searching devices/projects to satisfy me needs in freedom and privacy. A
phone and tablet on Linux. Simply. Just working as my pc works.

It is very economical as I never find nothing satisfying (except the 200
ou 400€ i spent when I was believing in neo900).

Maybe the fairphone but not all is really open and I don't know exactly
howmuch we can get rid of the gafams.

I also spent a lot of time in compiling a working Gentoo (thank of Willy
Gardiol) on an Eepad (asus_tf700 tablet) for a work application (command
and programmation of a motion control I built) but gave away due to a
lack of real touch usability.

Bref, lots of time, fun, low results sometimes.

Best regrds

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> Hi all,
> it is quite quiet on this list. Most likely you are all
> enjoying Summertime (or Winter on the Southern hemisphere).
> Nevertheless let me try to start a new discussion.
> There are two options to start a discussion. One is by
> throwing in a statement with high potential for conflicting
> opinions.
> The other one is to ask questions:
> What are you currently working on (wrt. to Tinkerphones)?
> What do you expect from doing this? What are you missing
> most? What should happen to make you contribute here more
> actively?
> Best, Nikolaus
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