[Gta04-owner] metapackage for illume / e17

tgrauss tgrauss at f-gp.eu
Fri Jan 5 20:31:00 CET 2018


I shave uccessfully booted the minimalistic debian.
However, when I try to login using ssh with usb ethernet to install the
deb package, I can't connect, there is no message at all.
My commands:
ifconfig enp0s29u1u2
ssh root at

When I do a dmesg, I have some errors related to the cdc ether module:
kevent 12 may have been dropped

Maybe I have to blacklist some module on my Debian?

Best regards


On Fri, 5 Jan 2018 06:59:27 +0100
Andreas Kemnade <andreas at kemnade.info> wrote:

> Hi,
> I created a metapackage for illume.
> So you can do
> ./makesd -f ext4 -v 20171209-stretch-9.3-armhf -r debian -kboot
> letux-4.13.11 -dboot letux-4.13.11 -m letux-4.13.11 -c latest
> to create a minimalistic debian system.
> install my letux-illume from https://misc.andi.de1.cc/letux-illume
> by
> dpkg -i letux-illume_1_all.deb
> Then correct dependencies by
> apt-get -f install
> Reboot.
> If you had used 'latest' as a kernel, you would end up with
> a black screen due to trouble with the generic_adc_battery driver.
> If you want to install the later kernel you should either
> blacklist or remove that module.
> I am wondering about the debian-upstream directories in the qtmoko
> stuff. What happens if you rename them to debian and do a
> dpkg-buildpackage there and install that on top of
> such an illume system.
> With enlighted regards
> Andreas Kemnade

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