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Dorota Czaplejewicz dorota.czaplejewicz at puri.sm
Mon Feb 5 17:28:23 CET 2018

On Mon, 05 Feb 2018 16:39:52 +0100
joerg Reisenweber <joerg at openmoko.org> wrote:

> On Mon 05 February 2018 09:54:36 rhn wrote:
> > However, not all hope is
> > lost, since Purism and Fairphone both have a strong focus on the hardware,
> > so that could be a meeting point.  
> Purism doesn't even have the copyright and thus the permission to share their 
> schematics! How's that "strong focus on hardware"?
> /j

Hello Joerg,

while I cannot speak for the laptop team, in the phone project, we want to get the hardware right and we go out of our way to achieve this. It complicates matters a lot, because we want to do it the way barely anyone else does:

- have a fully functional device without the need for an OS with firmware blobs
- separate the baseband CPU and system memory, whereas the vast majority of mobile devices have them on a single SoC
- use kernel as close to mainline as possible, with a supported GPU
- therefore we chose the i.MX series SoC, which is not used in any phones as far as we're aware
- we're leaning towards the i.MX8, which is not yet released
- provide hardware kill switches for communication devices

There are no existing hardware designs checking all the above boxes. As a result, we are likely to need an entirely new one. That, in turn, means that the chance of releasing the hardware schematics is rather high.

Hopefully that lessens your worries!

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