[Gta04-owner] [OHSW.org] FOSDEM 2018 and beyond

Dr. Michael Lauer mickey at vanille.de
Mon Feb 5 15:14:41 CET 2018

Hi Nikolaus et. al.,

> Unfortunately I didn't notice any talk, booth, presentation,
> material to mention OpenMoko. Except some people who did remember
> when we came into talking. But as said I haven't been everywhere :)
> So if anyone did see something, please share.

I’m not sure if that counts, but I’ve noticed this on of the pin-boards:

> Also, the idea of a Pyra-Phone found quite some interest. A Pyra-Phone
> would be a simple reuse of the Pyra circuits, the OMAP5 CPU board,
> and the (resistive touch) display but have a different main board
> which glues everything into a simple sandwich in some (bulky) smartphone
> format.


> What do you think? Would there be some developers here who
> could and want to afford buying one of a handful of prototypes
> of a Pyra-Phone? If yes, we can easily set up our own
> preorder/crowdfunding campaign.

I’d like to have one. It burns a hole in my stomach to see FSO being completely unused. So at least as a proof-of-concept
that it is still useful (and, to my knowledge) unsurpassed in its holistic approach, I’d like to create a phone UI leveraging
the freesmartphone.org <http://freesmartphone.org/> middleware on the PyraPhone.

Let me hijack this thread to ask a related question… since we did not manage to have a real hackathon (mostly due to the
fact that we stayed in so many different hotels), Boudewijn and me pondered whether there might be a chance to book
an apartment next year that would include room for 10 (or so) people. This way we could really meet in the evenings to
hack on one or more common projects.

Please holler, if there would be any interest in that.



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