[Gta04-owner] Phosh/Librem5 system on a GTA04

Mark Müller markmueller86 at gmail.com
Fri Dec 28 19:55:43 CET 2018


having some time to toy around with my good ol' GTA04 during the
holidays, I upgraded a current Letux Debian/LXDE image with kernel
4.19.10-letux+ on the SD card to Debian Buster and installed the Librem5
base system. After that, I had a GTA04 with a Phosh shell starting up -

What I tested so far:

* USB access via SSH still working
* Bluetooth is working from the command line (mouse and keyboard connected)
* WLAN is working from the command line (network-manager)
* WWAN is working from the command line (modem-manager)
* Touch input is partially working (libinput registers events, but touch
input under Phosh doesn't work as expected)
* It's really, really (!!) slow as it seems to use llvmpipe (Phosh uses
rootston as  wayland compositor)

That's roughly what I did to get it working:

* Install LXDE image on a SD card via makesd (see
* Boot the image and connect to the GTA04 via USB and update all packages
* Change sources from jessie to buster (in /etc/apt/sources.list and
* Include the Librem5 repositories (echo "deb https://ci.puri.sm/
scratch librem5" > /etc/apt/sources.list.d/ci.list)
* Add the key for the new repository (wget -O -
https://ci.puri.sm/ci-repo.key | sudo apt-key add -)
* apt update; apt upgrade (I did not dist-upgrade at this point, but it
shouldn't hurt)
* apt install librem5-base librem5-base-defaults librem5-gnome
librem5-gnome-base librem5-gnome-phone (this will remove some packages!)
* If not done before, upgrade all remaining packages with a dist-upgrade
(probably removing some packages in this course)
* Reboot and see Phosh starting (I hope so)

Caution: This how-to is from memory - it could be missing some steps,
have typos or maybe it doesn't work at all for you ;-)


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