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Roland Häder roland at mxchange.org
Sat Oct 7 14:46:05 CEST 2017

On 10/06/2017 02:50 PM, H. Nikolaus Schaller wrote:
> FYI.
>> Anfang der weitergeleiteten Nachricht:
>> Von: "H. Nikolaus Schaller" <hns at goldelico.com>
>> Betreff: QtMoko2 again...
>> Datum: 5. Oktober 2017 um 17:53:17 MESZ
>> An: Tinkerphones Community <community at tinkerphones.org>
>> Hi,
>> I have started to pick up the build process for QtMoko2 [1].
>> I now run a Debian (Wheezy) inside VirtualBox (i386).
>> The command is simply ./mdeb-qtmoko -vb
>> After approx. 8 hours (with heavy use of ccache), compile fails
>> with these two lines (amongst 104 MB log):
>> dpkg-shlibdeps: error: couldn't find library libamr.so.1 needed by debian/qtmoko-neo/opt/qtmoko/plugins/codecs/libamrrecordplugin.so (ELF format: 'elf32-i386'; RPATH: '')
>> dpkg-shlibdeps: error: couldn't find library libtimidity.so.1 needed by debian/qtmoko-neo/opt/qtmoko/plugins/codecs/libtimidityplugin.so (ELF format: 'elf32-i386'; RPATH: '')
>> Well, it is easy to understand why the linker can't continue here...
>> But it is not at all clear why that happens.
>> Well, Debian has a timidity package, but no libtimidity.
>> Next, there is a libtimidity source inside of QtMoko2...
>> ./src/build-neo/image/lib/libtimidity.so.1
>> But there seems to be something wrong, so that it is not found
>> bythe linker when trying to build
>> debian/qtmoko-neo/opt/qtmoko/plugins/codecs/libtimidityplugin.so
>> Any advice how to find the bug in the build recipe or library
>> search path?
>> BR,
>> Nikolaus
>> [1]: http://git.goldelico.com/?p=gta04-qtmoko.git;a=tree;f=goldelico;h=adbafe59ea1043c735bb85ec6dd1f77e2831b5a0;hb=39a9a35c951e0a9d77259ca5dee712b46106cdfb
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nice to hear that there is some progress, even when it fails to build.
QTMoko2 is one of my preferred OSes as it is finger-friendly. Sad to
hear about that lib/dev-package chaos there. Seems like that there is
some cleanup required. Or maybe switch to systemd-free alternative
Devuan? [1]

Then at least one awful component, systemd, is gone. ;-) Paul
Tagliamonte wrote [2] about it some years ago.

Best regards,

2: http://blog.pault.ag/post/65166340289

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