[Gta04-owner] How to automate setting IP on cdc_ether netdev

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Fri May 12 15:14:38 CEST 2017

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Předmět: [Gta04-owner] How to automate setting IP on cdc_ether netdev 
"Does someone know how I can most easily automate setting IP on the cdc_ether device that I get (on my laptop) when 
connecting my GTA04 over USB? 

At the moment: 

- I'm getting a device named enp0s20u2, with an apparently random MAC 

- Because the MAC address is different each time (I think), Network 
Manager thinks it's a different connection each time. 

- Manual setting with 'ip a a dev enp0s20u2' doesn't 
stick, because Network Manager is managing the device. 

- Hence I keep having to edit the connection settings in Network Manager 
- which is a pain! 

Suggestions? "


QtMoko had DHCP server on usb0. Worked quite nice except that

NM on PC picked the connection as default so it killed PC's default

connection. Maybe there is way to make usb0 not preferred, but

i havent figured out.

Sorry for html email - it's unbelievable that biggest cz freemail

cant be used for mailing list.



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