[Gta04-owner] What went wrong with Ubuntu's phone effort

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Sven Dyroff <S.Dyroff at phytec.de> wrote:

> Hello Nicolaus,
> > So I'd summarize as: mankind is happy with the status quo of what is 
> offered by the big players,
> > making it too tough for individuals to change or get appreciation.
> >
> > But can this be the answer for the next 100 years?
> The problem is to provide insight in the key axiom of this system: "If you 
> think that everything is alright, then you don't know what's going on!"
> > The key point seems to be that the commercial and (partially) closed 
> "opponents" don't have a bad reputation.
> If the remaining 99.9% of mankind would understand what's going on, then 
> reputation of these "opponents" would decrease significantly.
Well, it is religion. People sometimes trust to navigation systems to
make them magically go over the water. People believe in that. Well,
there is an app for something so that must be ok and good.
If that would not be the case then nerds would be asked by usual
computer users questions like:"If I use this communication technology,
my friend has always to use a special device, is there any

Hmm, lets cite Immanual Kant.

"Man’s release from his self-incurred tutelage” (I do not found a good
translation that quickly)  „Aufklärung ist der Ausgang des Menschen aus seiner selbst verschuldeten Unmündigkeit. Unmündigkeit ist das Unvermögen, sich seines Verstandes ohne Anleitung eines anderen zu bedienen. Selbst verschuldet ist diese Unmündigkeit, wenn die Ursache derselben nicht am Mangel des Verstandes, sondern der Entschließung und des Muthes liegt, sich seiner ohne Leitung eines anderen zu bedienen. Sapere aude [wage es verständig zu sein]! Habe Muth, dich deines eigenen Verstandes zu bedienen! ist also der Wahlspruch der Aufklärung.“
> > Looks like a point of saturation with IT.
> In my view it's already an overkill with IT. See:
> https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRdG757YdLgtQCcBHtVpj_ihghjsfqAHEs_WCRbaXarVuX3WJ5oRA
I have seen a continuation with the man standing up in several steps
again and using a wearable with hmd.

> https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTGJEeDiw6GBzkynZpIWm5n2oOSGewxAXFDAZPR5ANMpWXAJBQSnw
Hmm, in the year 2525...

> > Have we un-learned to play around and learn just for fun?
IMHO that is the main point of childhood and a bit also of adults. 
Even children do not get that tought so often. Sometimes parents
are not happy anymore if their children just play around in
kindergarten. There has always to be some kind of organized learning.
Hmm, is that really so much better than having children to work?

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