[Gta04-owner] What went wrong with Ubuntu's phone effort

H. Nikolaus Schaller hns at goldelico.com
Sat Jul 1 10:03:41 CEST 2017

Am 29.06.2017 um 10:19 schrieb Rainer Blome <rainer.blome at gmx.de>:
> Hi Nikolaus,
> Nikolaus wrote:
>> Have we un-learned to play around and learn just for fun?
> Many do that all the time, just not with all toys at once. :-)
> Conflicting requirements are everywhere, such as reliability,
> performance, versatility, fun factor, community size, price, time to
> market, time to play with ("attention span"). There are plenty device
> platforms suitable for playing and learning, such as Arduino, Raspberry,
> Calliope, Android devices and whatnot, all with fully-developed
> communities and ecosystems, prices below 50EUR, competitive performance
> etc. Just that they are not phones (Yes, the Raspberry phone was already
> mentioned on this list).

Absolutely right. There are too many toys around. Besides GTA04.

> People prioritize their requirements. My impression is that for an
> *everyday* phone, most people's primary requirement is reliability.
> Sounds like Ubuntu Phones were not reliable, both in technical and
> marketing sense. This may have led to frustration and anger, and less
> desire to play with and invest in.
> Also my impression: At least some teams aiming for an established
> platform are succeeding, at least for a while. I can't really compare
> though, because GTA04/Letux is the only "platform" that I've been
> watching for such a long time (7y?). That it has lived this long, with
> no signs of stopping, is a success, I think.

What I wonder is why there is not much response to my kernel-updates.
They could be a nice opportunity for playing around *with* the GTA04
instead of something else...


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