[Gta04-owner] suggestions for rootfs

Jonas Smedegaard jonas at jones.dk
Tue Jan 31 19:41:10 CET 2017

Quoting Andreas Kemnade (2017-01-31 17:22:46)
> here are some ideas for rootfs.
> 1. /etc/default/rcS
> Well, no chance to press an y key on the gta04, so this at least give 
> some chances to have it booted.

Only relevant when the package sysvinit-core is installed.  By default 
with both current and upcoming stable debian, systemd-sysv is installed 
instead, which does not use that hint - and in upcoming stable release 
the file is not installed at all by default (so ensure that automated 
tweaking scripts check existence of the file before editing!).

Beware that "not default" implies "less tested"!  It is close to 
impossible to avoid systemd on Debian nowadays: If you try, you will 
quite likely end up with a system running poorly tested code as init and 
_still_ load systemd code indirectly through e.g. the SSH daemon (unless 
you aggressively avoid well-tested tools and e.g. use dropbear for ssh).

> 2. sshd_config
> UseDNS no
> logins are a lot faster.
> Or maybe add a line like
> pc
> to /etc/hosts

I sure recommend to not skip name resolving, but establish fast name 
resolving (either by hardcoding as suggested above or by having 
connection script point to a resolver on your laptop).

 - Jonas

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