[Gta04-owner] GTA04A5: good news and bad news

Belisko Marek marek.belisko at gmail.com
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Hi Nikolaus and all,

On Wed, Feb 22, 2017 at 3:49 PM, H. Nikolaus Schaller <hns at goldelico.com>

> Hi,
> let's start with the good news.
> 1. Yesterday GTA04A5 boards have been produced.
> 2. We have a Letux 4.10 kernel which is really good
> and can be used as the basis for future OS development,
> e.g. Replicant and QtMoko.
> 3. I managed to get a new GPS chip driver working, which
> has a better chance to go upstream.
> But now the bad news.
> -1.: Only 12 out of 36 (*) GTA04A5 boards we
> have produced, are booting to Linux. The others either have a
> short circuit under the OMAP (which is the general PoP soldering
> problem we already know since the first generations of the
> GTA04) or the OMAP shows no response or does not recognise the
> µSD card for unknown reasons.
Hmm this is bad. Doesn't something like that happen in first verification
run? But maybe I'm wrong. Did you try to get some info from chip producer
what could be a problem or which technology should be used to have it
solder properly.
12 from 36 is exactly third which is too high. I'm sorry to hear such bad

> Unfortunately this yield of ~33% is not enough to avoid a financial
> fiasco, because we now have to pay for each good board approx.
> three times as much as it was planned.
> Hence we aborted production and it will not be continued.
> It simply does not make sense to waste more money for getting
> so much bad boards.
> Instead we will try to repair some of the non-working boards
> with using the components already bought.
> Sadly, this also makes it really the last GTA04 batch which will
> ever be built (making these GTA04A5 boards rare collectibles).
> Unless someone spends us enough money to make more experiments
> with OMAP3 PoP soldering.
> This situation makes me assume a very high risk for the Neo900
> project, since it uses exactly the same CPU and RAM/NAND PoP
> chip as we have on the GTA04A5. And it was planned to use the
> same production company and line. This means if we can't
> get it soldered for the GTA04A5 by a company with >10
> years experience and >150 projects per year, it is unlikely
> that they will try again and be more successful for the
> Neo900. They already nick-name this chip combination
> "unsolderable chips". And it is also unlikely to find someone
> else who can do it better without making ex(p+t)ensive experiments.
> So the best for Neo900 would be to change the CPU/RAM chip.
> But AFAIK, one of the key ideas is to use Maemo/Fremantle
> which is closely tied to the OMAP3 architecture.
> What will be the next steps for the GTA04A5?
> 1. I will test the boards we have and make 3 bins:
> A) good (let's hope that the 12 do not have other bugs making them
> unuseable)
> B) needs to try some repair
> C) does not seem possible to repair
> 2. We will repair what can be done and then I know
> how many good units we really have got
> 3. I will try to get as many pre-orders fulfilled
> sorted by order date.
> 4. We hope that someone can help to fill the financial
> gap. Well, this does not necessarily mean a donation
> but if you know a project that is in need and can pay
> an engineering team like we have, please contact me.
> BR and sorry to have no better good news,
> Nikolaus
> (*) The attached photo shows the 36 boards plus 4 produced in the
> first runs end of last year
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