[Gta04-owner] [Tinkerphones] Progress GTA04 and Letux OS

Neil Jerram neil at ossau.homelinux.net
Thu Dec 28 20:59:41 CET 2017

Thanks Andreas; please see below.

On 28/12/17 19:49, Andreas Kemnade wrote:
> On Thu, 28 Dec 2017 18:21:01 +0000
> Neil Jerram <neil at ossau.homelinux.net> wrote:
>> Hi Nikolaus,
>> Thanks for the detailed instructions here.  I think they may have worked
>> for me, but am not sure - please see more inline below...
> [...]
>> Does the absence of a red screen mean that the flashing has previously
>> succeeded?
> Just check the versions!
> U-Boot version
> root at gta04:~# strings /dev/mtd1 | grep U-Boot.2
> SPL:
> strings /dev/mtd0 | grep U-Boot.SPL

root at letux:~# strings /dev/mtd1 | grep U-Boot
U-Boot 2016.11-00249-gc9d20fc fo
scan_dev_for_scripts=for script in ${boot_scripts}; do if test -e 
${devtype} ${devnum}:${distro_bootpart} ${prefix}${script}; then echo 
Found U-Boot script ${prefix}${script}; run boot_a_script; echo SCRIPT 
FAILED: continuing...; fi; done
Warning: U-Boot configured device %s at address %llx,
** Invalid partition type "%.32s" (expect "U-Boot")
U-Boot BUG at %s:%d!
U-Boot 2016.11-00249-gc9d20fc
U-Boot EFI: Relocation at %p is out of range (%lx)
U-Boot 2016.11-00249-gc9d20fc (
# Requires 2016.11 or later U-Boot / MLO
# 0x0008 0000    0x001a ffff    13 0000        1.3 MB    U-Boot (flash 
# 0x0024 0000    0x0027 ffff    04 0000        256 KB    U-Boot 
parameters written by saveenv
# 1. break into U-Boot command line
echo "*** if you boot from NAND don-t worry about error messages when 
U-Boot tries to read a non-existing MMC ***"
status set 8    # give fast feedback that U-Boot did start (red power led)
     # FIXME: latest U-Boot has kernel_addr_r, initrd_addr_r, fdtaddr 
and fdt_addr_r for such purposes
     # for newer kernels with OMAP console (unfortunately U-Boot can't 
find out)
                     echo *** flashing U-Boot ***
                     echo *** U-Boot flashed ***

I guess that means that I have *not* yet been successfully in flashing 
the new U-Boot.  Right?


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