[Gta04-owner] problems with battery loading

t.munker at gmx.net t.munker at gmx.net
Thu May 26 20:14:24 CEST 2016

i've got some problem with loading my battery.

Symptoms are:
When plugging usb line in at the phone, phone wakes up and starts
loading, if there is power.
Plugging in at the other end of the usb line is not detected (when first
plugged in at phone, phone wakes up, but can't load since there is no
power and goes sleeping again)
After some seconds (mostly) (sometimes even about half an hour) it stops
loading, even when battery capacity is still critical.

Old openmoko power adapter doesn't seem to work at all.

To get the phone usable i need to watch it closely, and unplug and
replug it, if it stops loading.

I use QTMoko. Since this has some lag until plugging is detected, i use
neocontrol to view power status.
I resoldered my usb-port, maybe something went wrong there. But right
after resoldering it, it was working good and now got slowly worse...
Also the sd-card got already corrupted at some point, i will reinstall
next days to exclude a software error

Where i need help:
Is there some way to determine why the phone stops loading?

When i want to check my usb-port, is this possible with a simple
ohm-/volt-/ampere-meter? What are the readings that i should expect
between the usb-pins when connected correctly to the board?

Kind regards,
Thomas Munker

PS: Is this the right list to write to? If not, please forward...

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