[Gta04-owner] Status GTA04A5 - unplanned Xmas present!

H. Nikolaus Schaller hns at goldelico.com
Thu Dec 22 19:01:32 CET 2016

today I received a phone call from the production company
that they will close tomorrow up to first week of January.

But they had a little spare time to run another attempt
to build our GTA04A5 boards using the redesigned stencil.

So they had already populated one panel (4 PCBs) and I
could come to have a look at the X-Ray.

Now, being back from the visit, here are the first good news:
the X-Ray of the PoP chip looks perfect!

Then we ran an AOI (Atomatic optical inspection) which
revealed one missing component, one rotated and one
additional. That happens from time to time.

There was another mistake - two SOT23-5 chips were swapped.

After fixing all this I did the standard measurements with
the Smart Tweezers and for the first time, there were no
short circuits to find!

I had taken the SD card from previous experiments and a
GTA04 battery with me, but unfortunately none of the LEDs
did light up :(

So I took the panel home with mixed feelings and connected
the RS232 cable to the first board.

And voila, the DM3730 starts, but breaks into U-Boot console
so that the LEDs are not controlled by our boot.scr! The
problem seems to be the IrDA receiver which is not turned
off by MLO. But that can be fixed in software.

Then I simply typed "run bootcmd" and Linux got up and

I could play around a little to find out that the 3G modem
can be turned on and reports IMEI and status. And the WiFi
chip is also found.

All this are things I wasn't able to test so far.

Then I connected a display and made a short video:


Phew - it seems to work!

Now I am looking forward to the real production run in
January. Then we finally will be able to ship the GTA04A5
boards and complete L2804 devices.

Thanks for your patience, have nice holidays and a happy
new year,


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