[Gta04-owner] Using touchscreen as a touchpad?

Neil Jerram neil at ossau.homelinux.net
Thu Apr 21 21:04:54 CEST 2016

On 21/04/16 13:08, Neil Jerram wrote:
> Has anyone tried configuring the GTA04 touchscreen to behave as a
> touchpad instead of a touchscreen?  Would the kernel code for the
> touchscreen support that?
> Subject to the latter, I think the former is possible in principle by
> using libinput and configuring a udev rule like this:
> ACTION=="add|change", KERNEL=="event[0-9]*", ENV{ID_VENDOR_ID}=="...",

Well, unfortunately it does not work.  Xorg.0.log says:

[    19.473] (II) input device 'TSC2007 Touchscreen', /dev/input/event0 
is tagged by udev as: Touchpad Touchscreen
[    19.473] (EE) kernel bug: device TSC2007 Touchscreen failed touchpad 
sanity checks
[    19.473] (II) input device 'TSC2007 Touchscreen', /dev/input/event0 
is a touchpad
[    19.540] (II) failed to create input device '/dev/input/event0'.

I guess libinput is expecting some minimal characteristics for a 
'touchpad', and the TSC2007 kernel driver doesn't provide those. Pity, 
because I would like to see if it was usable that way.


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