[Gta04-owner] Which distri

Neil Jerram neil at ossau.homelinux.net
Fri Sep 25 10:15:30 CEST 2015

On 24/09/15 15:26, H. Nikolaus Schaller wrote:

> Basically my dream goes far beyond: make QtMoko independent of the
> kernel and system
> This would mean:
> * pack all sources (qt libraries and qtmoko main application split up
> into manageable parts) into debian source packages
> * make it possible to compile everything through debian build system,
> including the required qt libraries
> * installation on top of a running Debian base system is just “apt-get
> install qtmoko”
> * make it run on non-GTA04 devices (Neo900, Pyra, OpenPandora, …)
> Well, this is a major task - and I failed even before the first step…

Yes!  FWIW, this is one of my dreams too.

Unfortunately I haven't thought about this for a few months, and so have 
forgotten some of the technical details.  But a couple of my broad 
motivations, in addition to what you say above:

- Debian already includes all the base Qt libraries, except built for an 
X11 backend.  It would feel much less wasteful to me if those (enhanced 
if necessary) could be used by QtMoko.

- QtMoko includes lots of implementation of systems that IMO are now 
done better in other non-QtMoko components.  For example I'd rather use 
offlineimap/mbsync and notmuch/mailutils to sync email from my IMAP 
accounts to my phone, instead of QtMoko's built-in equivalent.


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