[Gta04-owner] experimental Letux Kernel 4.2 with omapdrm

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Sun Oct 4 11:44:19 CEST 2015

Interesting, thanks. I believe omapdrm is what's needed for anyone who wants to try Wayland instead of X.

Could the mouse event throttling be related to gesture detection? If the input stack now uses libinput instead of evdev, I believe libinput does more of that kind of thing. 

(I spent some time recently trying to understand the pieces for getting good finger scrolling in my web browser-based UI.)


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Subject: [Gta04-owner] experimental Letux Kernel 4.2 with omapdrm

I have fixed some minor and major issues and modified the defconfig, as well as Xorg.conf
to make omapdrm with X11 work on the GTA04 (and on the Pyra prototypes) with a Jessie
rootfs (Wheezy has no omapdrm driver).

Here you can find the kernel source tree:


and here a binary kernel (directory path is planned to change soon - please don't bookmark):


X11 works well, at least almost. One issue is the interaction with the touch screen.
For some reasons the touch events triggering mouse movements are synchronized.

This means that if you move the pointer very fast, these events will be throttled and
delayed. Gives funny effects when e.g. opening a drag rectangle or moving a window.

TVout is also initialized, but the "card0" reports a second monitor output with unknown
state and no video modes.

So this needs to mature a little more to be included in the standard Letux kernel. But is a
good start.


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