[Gta04-owner] Bug: power supply - NULL pointer dereference in bq27x00 driver

Krzysztof Kozlowski k.kozlowski at samsung.com
Mon May 18 14:32:43 CEST 2015

2015-05-18 18:40 GMT+09:00 Dr. H. Nikolaus Schaller <hns at goldelico.com>:
> Hi,
> we tried to upgrade from 4.0 to 4.1-rc3 kernel and ran into a NULL pointer problem within the bq27x00 driver.
> It appears to be introduced by your patch 297d716f6260cc9421d971b124ca196b957ee458
> The problem appears to be that bq27x00_powersupply_init() calls power_supply_register_no_ws() and
> sets di->bat *after* return. The old code did pass an uninitialized struct pointer.
> Now for reasons I don’t understand, the power_supply_register_no_ws() appears to call
> uevent related stuff which in turn calls bq27x00_battery_get_property() before di->bat
> is properly initialized.
> I have checked with printk in bq27x00_battery_get_property() that di>bat == NULL in this case and
> right before we see the segfault.
> The old code simply did pass a zeroed struct power_supply and perhaps initialized its components
> during registration.
> Returning some -EINVAL if di->bat == NULL would likely solve the NULL pointer dereference but
> I don’t know what it does to the uevent and if it restores previous operation.
> It could have been that it was for good purpose that power_supply_register_no_ws() did not return
> by value, but by reference to the di->bat struct:
> -       ret = power_supply_register_no_ws(di->dev, &di->bat, NULL);
> +       di->bat = power_supply_register_no_ws(di->dev, psy_desc, &psy_cfg);
> So that code called within the context of power_supply_register_no_ws() could already
> refer to initialized di->bat.

Indeed this issue was not present in previous design however I think
the architecture was still error-prone. Starting from driver's probe:
 - some_driver_probe()
   - power_supply_register(&psy)
     - device_add()
       - kobject_uevent() - notify userspace
        - power_supply_uevent()
          - power_supply_show_property()
            - power_supply_get_property()
              - some_driver_get_property()

So before probe() ends the power supply core calls driver's
get_property(). In that time the driver internal structures may not be
ready yet, because the probe did not end. The get_property() could
access some registers or other core functions which will be ready
after power_supply_register() call. For example the
bq27x00_battery_get_property() accesses delayed work which could be
(by mistake) not yet initialized.

I looked at other dev_uevent implementations and almost all of them do
not call back the driver.

Of course this does not change that I introduced the issue and I feel
bad about it.
I got some ideas for resolving it:
1. Fix bq27x00_battery and maybe others so they won't access the 'psy'
member of its state container. This does not solve the issue from
architectural point of view - still some uninitialised data may be
accessed because probe() is in progress. However this would be the
fastest and the least intrusive.

2. Remove calls to get_property() (and other functions provided by
driver) from power_supply_uevent(). Unfortunately this may break
userspace which expects that some data will be present in uevent.

3. Change the API to the previous convention, which you pointed as a remedy:
ret = power_supply_register_no_ws(di->dev, &di->bat, psy_desc, &psy_cfg);
This also won't solve the issue from 1. that uevent will be called
before probe ends.

4. Block the power_supply_uevent() from calling the get_property()
functions until device_add() finishes. This would solve this issue but
first uevent messages (from adding device) won't contain all of device
data (just like in solution no 2.) and this won't solve other race -
someone may call sysfs show() on created device nodes and thus access
the get_property() before probe finishes.

Any ideas?

Best regards,

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