[Gta04-owner] Replicant: no sound during calls

L.B. lionel.broche at gmail.com
Mon Jan 19 21:43:43 CET 2015

On 13/01/15 21:47, Lukas Maerdian wrote:
>>> Also, I did not yet optimize anything for power management/consumption,
>>> so don't expect it to last too long.
>> 8h use time is enough for me to get a useable phone for work.
> I did not yet test how many hours we get with the current state. If you
> do an experiment, please let us know!

I got some time this week end for a test. With the phone in energy
saving mode the battery lasted 15h. By comparison, qtmoko can last up to
3 days, but 15h is enough for me anyway.

>>> The non-optimal sound quality/distorted voice is expected (because of
>>> software-routing). This will be gone once we get hardware voice routing
>>> to work. You can experiment with it if you have an GTA04A4, by adopting
>>> the values in /system/etc/tinyalsa-audio.xml.
>>> I only have an A3 and thus could not implement/test hardware-routing. If
>>> you get it to work, please send in your patches! It should just be a
>>> matter of a correct tinyalsa-audio.xml configuration.
>>> You can enable hardware-routing, by changing the "Voice route" control
>>> from "Voice to SoC" to "Voice to twl4030", and then you need to find
>>> good values for all the other controls, in order to make the voice come
>>> through.
>> I do have an A4 board, I've been experimenting with hardware routing but
>> so far, no luck. Is the sound routing the same with VoIP? That would
>> make testing easier. Also, is it possible to modify the
>> tinyalsa-audio.xml file via ssh (or other remote tool)? If so, how can I
>> update the changes/reload alsa?
> VoIP works with nice voice quality. But the routing is completely
> different to GSM voice routing, as the voice does not have to get
> transferred to and from the modem module.
> tinyalsa-audio.xml can be modified remotely via the Android Debug Bridge
> ("adb shell"). The changes are reloaded on reboot, there probably is a
> more elegant way to reload alsa, but I don't know it.
Audio can be reloaded via "adb shell killall zygote" then "adb shell
start zygote", it seemed to work for me, the media player was working
after a restart. This should work for graphics or RIL too (see
However I have a strange problem now: since I accessed my phone via adb,
the touch screen became irresponsive. I'm trying to sort this out now...

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