[Gta04-owner] Replicant: no sound during calls

L.B. lionel.broche at gmail.com
Tue Jan 13 22:40:11 CET 2015

> Great, that's exactly what can be expected right now.

Good to know :)
> But: when you suspend the phone, the modem logout from the network and
> only login after resume, also 3G data will be broken after resume (you
> have to disable and re-enable it, to make it work again).
ok, yet I managed to call the phone while it was in suspend. However the
modem was not accessible and the phone could not hang up, as you can expect.

> Also, I did not yet optimize anything for power management/consumption,
> so don't expect it to last too long.

8h use time is enough for me to get a useable phone for work.

> The non-optimal sound quality/distorted voice is expected (because of
> software-routing). This will be gone once we get hardware voice routing
> to work. You can experiment with it if you have an GTA04A4, by adopting
> the values in /system/etc/tinyalsa-audio.xml.
> I only have an A3 and thus could not implement/test hardware-routing. If
> you get it to work, please send in your patches! It should just be a
> matter of a correct tinyalsa-audio.xml configuration.
> You can enable hardware-routing, by changing the "Voice route" control
> from "Voice to SoC" to "Voice to twl4030", and then you need to find
> good values for all the other controls, in order to make the voice come
> through.
I do have an A4 board, I've been experimenting with hardware routing but
so far, no luck. Is the sound routing the same with VoIP? That would
make testing easier. Also, is it possible to modify the
tinyalsa-audio.xml file via ssh (or other remote tool)? If so, how can I
update the changes/reload alsa?

All the best,


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