[Gta04-owner] [PATCH 1/2] sms: Option HSO modem can't really do CNMA

Lukas Maerdian luk at slyon.de
Wed Nov 26 11:56:34 CET 2014

Am 26.11.2014 um 11:37 schrieb Neil Jerram:
> I've been working on SMS function with oFono.  oFono prefers to get
> +CMT indications for received SMSs - which it requests by issuing
> AT+CNMI=2,2... - instead of +CMTI indications that would be requested
> by AT+CNMI=2,1...  But my observation is that the GTA04 modem doesn't
> in fact generate +CMT indications for received SMSs (even when
> instructed to do so by AT+CNMI=2,2...).
> I can submit an oFono patch to issue AT+CNMI=2,1... when talking to a
> GTM601, and so get +CMTI indications (which it handles fine).
> Before I do that, however, can anyone confirm or deny that the GTM601
> really can't do +CMT indications?
> QtMoko for GTA04 issues AT+CNMI=2,1 and handles +CMTI indications.
> FSO has a config setting named "sim_buffers_sms", and sends
> AT+CNMI=2,1 if that setting is true, or AT+CNMI=2,2 if false; and the
> GTA04 config has sim_buffers_sms=true.  Is that because others have
> tried using +CMT before and found it not to work?

Hi Neil,

I've recently implemented SMS receiving in the hayes-ril for Android
and saw a similar behavior.

I did not dig any deeper, but just used +CMTI indications, because this
was totally fine for my use case. So I cannot give you a general answer
to your question, but just say that also Android/Replicant, using my
hayes-ril, uses +CMTI instead of +CMT.


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