[Gta04-owner] Upgrade to GTA04

Karsten Düsterloh kd-gta04 at duesterloh.eu
Mon Nov 24 04:50:11 CET 2014


To all those who thought they were the last one to do the upgrade:
you weren't. ;-)

I finally got around to upgrade my neo freerunner to GTA04 including the
camera. And it's running! \o/

Well, mostly. ;-)

I do have some questions and some remarks:

(1) The camera isn't working with neither QTMoko nor Replicant (stable
versions as linked from
<http://projects.goldelico.com/p/gta04-main/page/Software/>), both apps
just say "closed" and don't work.
Is that expected? How can I test if everything is connected correctly?

(2) The AUX button blocks (being always on) if the front cover is fully
pressed on. I can make it work/release it by forcing the case open a
tiny bit with a finger nail, but that won't last.
I might file off a bit of the upper side of the AUX button or of the
case, I just wanted to know if that has happened to others …

(3) The UBoot menu shows three test buttons in the lowest row.
I'm not sure what they should do/if they work as expected.
(I didn't upgrade the NAND, this is the menu as it came with the GTA04.)
- "Button LED":
  The screen becomes green for about three seconds, then the main menu
  reappears. No LED does change, either AUX nor start button.
- "Blink":
  The screen becomes blue for about three seconds, then the main menu
  reappears. No LED does change, either AUX nor start button.
- "Touch":
  The screen shows random garble, with some flickering yellow bars on
  cyan background at the top. The bars react somehow to touching the
  screen. The main menu is shown again when pressing either AUX or
  the start button.

(4) I partitioned my SD card along the QTMoko suggestion under
<http://sourceforge.net/projects/qtmoko/files/GTA04/>, i.e.
- partition #1: small FAT32 with bootscript etc.
- partition #2: QTMoko
- partition #3: Replicant
- partition #4: extended partition, containing
  - partition #5: FAT32 for media stuff
  - partition #6: ext4
  - partition #7: ext4
I intended to add SHR (which I used on the freerunner) to partition #6,
and later maybe test other system in #7.

Obviously, the UBoot-Menu can't boot into #6 and I didn't find the
QTMoko way to do that. :-/

If I understand the UBoot mechnism correctly, partition #1 isn't
actually needed for booting QTMoko on #2, hence I could put SHR onto a
repartioned #1?

That won't help with other systems in partition #6 etc., so what's the
most sane way to do that?

(5) Did anybody actually try to create a Replicant-based Firefox OS for
GTA04 et al.?

(6) Some notes on the upgrade instructions (the System Manual, Rev 4):
- 4.3 (8): "carefully unplug GPS antenna from UFL socket"
         → the image is fuzzy and I had no idea in which direction
           the plug is meant to come off
- 4.4 (2): The PCB connector is opened, but the cable is never
           mentioned to be removed. ;-)
- 4.5 (3): "carefully position and glue the Module to the new PCB"
         → carefully position *where exactly*?
- 4.6 should contain a reference like "if you have a camera module,
commence now with the camera installation in section X before putting
the PCB back into the case".
- 5.1 should have some notes on the GSM antenna position (like "metal
pin on the edge should point upwards to touch the GAT04 PCB").
- 5.1 probably should contain info for drilling a camera hole into the
back cover, for example putting the back cover on while drilling.
- 5.1 (5): The first image is fuzzy and it's not quite clear from the
two images which stuff is meant to be cut off. A red circle in the first
one might help. ;-)
- 5.1 (6): It's unclear how much of the snap fit is to be cut off.
Is the second image meant to show the problem?
- A magnifier is helpful with most of the bricolage. :-)


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