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> But I wonder why you are doing this? 
> There appear to be two changes:
> a) reducing the default poll interval by factor 6
> And, the battery poll interval can be set from user space when modprobing the module.
> Simply give the module a parameter "poll_interval=60" but leave the kernel driver as it is.

I agree that it possible to do as module parameter.

> b) you disable the caching mechanism (which checks for relevant bits) and always notify power_supply_changed()
> I doubt this is acceptable because I don't see what this has to do with battery status in real time.
> If there is no change reported from the battery there is no change to be reported to user space...
> So if you are missing updates, there might be something wrong with the bits reported by the bq27000
> and that should be fixed.

I think so, but I repeat that battery technical detail is new for me and I would like that
somebody, who knows technical well give explanation.
I only can tell, that according my testing only both changes together give a result
( could see battery status in real time ).

Best regards, Alexandre
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