[Gta04-owner] Goldelico Replicant 4.2 with Wifi

Dr. H. Nikolaus Schaller hns at goldelico.com
Fri Mar 14 18:32:39 CET 2014

Am 14.03.2014 um 18:14 schrieb Lukas Maerdian:

> Hi Alexandre.
> 2014-03-14 18:04 GMT+01:00 Alexandre Roumiantsev <ran at mail.wplus.net>:
>> Hello, Lukas.
>> Thank for this big step ahead.
>> I get "wep" AP working, however "WPA/WPA2" AP I could not see in scan
>> list. Please, could you describe your result of scanning.
> I can normally scan, find and connect to my WPA/WPA2 secured home network.
> Can other users confirm that they are able to connect to a WPA/2
> secured network?
> [...]
>>> If you want to get to the source of know how to help developing this
>>> system, please refer to:
>>> http://projects.goldelico.com/p/gta04-replicant/page/Replicant-4/
>>> http://git.goldelico.com
>> However, could not check your developing because still could not repo sync:
>>> ran at ubuntu:~/replicant-4.2$ repo sync gta04-kernel.git
>>> Fetching project gta04-kernel.git
>>> error: Unable to find 2f500a5268ad4d18399913029c6f8f61198d3a63 under
>>> http://git.goldelico.com/gta04-kernel.git
>>> Cannot obtain needed object 2f500a5268ad4d18399913029c6f8f61198d3a63
>>> error: Fetch failed.
> AFAIK Nikolaus said it should be fixed on the server side, so maybe
> you can try to clean your kernel repository:
>  rm -rf .repo/projects/kernel/goldelico/gta04.git/

Well, this only deletes some symlinks. Maybe

rm -rf .repo/project-objects/gta04-kernel.git.git

is better. But please check what you do. In the worst case you have to set-up
the repo again.

> Probably you have a broken state in there. Unfortunately the Git-HTTP
> access is not very reliable...
> Otherwise you could setup a "local-dev" manifest (as described on the
> wiki page), which enables you to manually manage the repositories, so
> you can access them via SSH. That's the way I'm using it.
> BR,
>  Lukas
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