[Gta04-owner] Upstream Replicant 4.2 support for GTA04

mx4812 at arcor.de mx4812 at arcor.de
Mon Mar 3 09:11:30 CET 2014

> > The replicant recovery tool could just rm -rf /data/* if it is not a
> mountpoint.
> I still wonder what this function should be good for. No desktop OS has or
> needs a "delete all data" function and issues 3 warnings if you want to
> reformat
> a disk.

Yeah. Neverthelless, having a simple gui way to reinitialize the OS, and optionally 
"delete all the crap that got installed" really is an important usability feature
for personal devices that can change owners, if one looks for an audience
slightly broader than devs and admins.
(Even on devices that are not stakeholder locked.)

Just guessing: Facing malware and toolkits to produce trackware by default,
a separate root/sys partition could be useful for mounting it read-only,
formatting or rm -rf could be seen as a thorogh clean up method when apps
may create/install/leave behind more files and executables themself, and a tool
may be needed to escalate user permissions for mere users?

But I don't know android.
Well, does android separate user installed apps and (noexec) user data ($HOME)?

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