[Gta04-owner] Golden Delicious and Neo900

Mario Barcala email at mario.barcala.name
Thu Jun 5 17:45:44 CEST 2014

Hi all:

I'm very interested in free software, free hardware and to promote and
acquire free hardware devices for years. I think Golden Delicious
contribution to this "free environment" is awesome and I've been
reading this list (and other ones about this topic) for months
(although I didn't have any Golden Delicious device by now).

I like GTA project so much and I was very excited with Neo900
initiative, and Golden Delicious inside it (in some way)! I like your
politics of trying to build a free hardware, inside European Union.
That's great. You only need to go a bit further (with ecology) and try
something like Fairphone (to manage all production chain). It would be
a perfect combination for me: innovation + long live products +
component replacement possibility + ecology + local production +
respect to workers. Ok, I know I'm an idealist and we cannot get all
together :) (by now ;)

So, I'm sorry if it's a delicate question but I'm very surprised to
see that Golden Delicious is going out Neo900 project. I love to see
how relatively small hardware/software projects get joining their
efforts to obtain improvements of any kind and I can't see the cons
about this union. Can someone of Golden Delicious give me some hint
about this decision? Maybe, is there a message in some forum yet?

I'll understand if you don't want to reply to this message. I know it
is a very personal question, but I'm very interested about the decision
of a highly respectfully and accessible company like you.

Thank you and very good job!

Mario Barcala

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