[Gta04-owner] GTA04A5 / Letux 2804

Eric André eric.andre at rican.ch
Fri Jan 17 21:20:03 CET 2014

Hi All,

Just my two cents, maybe only a very personal opinion.

I sometime code a bit, I do a lot of scipting and like to control and trust my device, better, I like to know who has made it and in what state of mind it has been made.
But out of that, I am mostly a lambda user.
I want to give you my opinion as a lambda user.

Since I know, own and follow the Freerunner and the successors and since I own a N900, my dream was to have something as open and efficient as the Gta04 in a n900 body. 

Although I supported the Gta04 project, I never wanted to buy one as I allways felt it was not ready for everyday use (mostly because of recurrent sound problems, (I might be wrong or have missed some news)) and because I found the screen was too small to be used as display and keyboard on My 1973. But seeing the progresses, I was every day more tempted and almost ready to click on the "Buy one" button. 

Now, as we could have the advantages of both in a N900 body (I personally don't see disavantages in Neo900 vs Gta but don't want to be the seed of a sterile and endless debate), I would be able spend 400 or 500€ into it and would prefer it 1000 times compared to any Gta0x.
As said, as lambda user, the most interrestong points are the keyboard and screen size. 
Secondary points are the included camera, stereo sound, ease of use. I am not a Maemo fanatic though.


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