[Gta04-owner] GTA04A5 / Letux 2804

Dr. H. Nikolaus Schaller hns at goldelico.com
Thu Jan 16 16:43:54 CET 2014

Hi Neal,

Am 16.01.2014 um 16:21 schrieb Neal H. Walfield:

> Hi, Nikolaus,
> What is the advantage of the GTA04 over the Neo900?  It seems to me
> that if I were to get a new gta04-based system, the Neo900 is the
> better option due to its better screen, physical keyboard and on-board
> stylus.

But it does not fit into an existing GTA02 case and is much more risky
that everything works as expected. The GTA04A5 is a well known and
tested design.

> Given this, why not focus exclusively on the Neo900?  Another
> advantage is the better amortization of the costs (assuming most
> people interested in a new GTA04 would op for a Neo900 if the GTA04
> were not available).

Not everybody has/wants a N900 to upgrade. It may also have features
that not everybody likes.

And, both become cheaper if we can share components.

So why not offer both projects and let's see if we can increase the total
number of units.

If we don't find enough preorders for the GTA04A5, we can still cancel it
and are back at the level of your proposal.

There is IMHO no need to focus on one preferred over the other. Let people
choose themselves.

But they must know that it exists and that is the reason for my mail on this


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