[Gta04-owner] Two Freerunners to give away for almost free

Kardan kardan at riseup.net
Mon Jan 13 14:20:33 CET 2014

A late Happy new year also from me. Hope we will make 25k orders in 2014 as well!
As my old gta02 got stolen i could use a new old one for testing and maybe some app development.
I thought about committing 15 € per month / until the next major hardware release. Although this might not make a full gta04 maybe it adds something to calculate with.
All the best,

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Betreff: [Gta04-owner] Two Freerunners to give away for almost free

Hello list!

I have got two Neo FreeRunners to give away (remainders of some research 
project) for almost free.
Included are earphones and pocket for each, I also have a debug board.

If someone is interested, I would like to see some donation to Nikolaus' 
projects (GTA05/Neo900/OpenPhoenux). Myself I am not interested in any 

Contact me by email or list.

By the way: happy new year!


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