[Gta04-owner] Option AT commands

Neil Jerram neil at ossau.homelinux.net
Fri Jan 3 00:55:47 CET 2014

Stefan Rupp <struppi at struppi.name> writes:

> Hi everyone,
> recently, while searching for something totally different, I stumbled
> across the official Option AT Command documentation, directly available
> from Option's official download page:
> http://www.option.com/support/embedded-solutions/downloads
> Direct link to the file is here:
> http://www.option.com/download?file=GTM6xx_Nyos_AT_Command_v046ext.pdf
> Maybe some of us GTA04 owners might find this interesting :)

Thanks.  I noticed a couple of possibly interesting things.

AT_OLCC apparently controls unsolicited call status, and is off by
default on my GTA04:

_OLCC: 0

I wonder if it's what's needed to avoid the call state polling that was
discussed here:

AT_OPATEMP reports the temperature near the power amplifiers, and its
documentation indicates that there is a 'safe' value.  I wonder if
exceeding that value might possibly cause a reset?

AT_OGPS controls whether the modem's GPS is on, which would obviously
use some unnecessary power - but I checked that on my GTA04 it's off:

_OGPS: 0

Just a few thoughts....


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