[Gta04-owner] Replicant, webpage without project description?

Dr. H. Nikolaus Schaller hns at goldelico.com
Fri Feb 28 07:53:43 CET 2014

Am 27.02.2014 um 19:49 schrieb Paul Kocialkowski:

>>> Actually, I did find that page too (and it gave a valueable hint "free Android"),
>>> but did not seem to link to http://replicant.us which was another search result
>>> that I assume points to the main site (were I had hoped to find some 
>>> explanations, relations, and overviews).
> I take note of this. Come to think of it, there is no directly available
> clear information of what Replicant is about. Note that the Wikipedia
> page on Replicant has all the relevant bits:
> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Replicant_%28operating_system%29
>> Well, in fact there is the official FSF Replicant project http://replicant.us which had
>> started to work for the GTA04 device but did give up because they were not happy
>> with the kernel.
> Note that Replicant is not a FSF project. We are clearly separate from
> the FSF, but Replicant is endorsed by the directed donations program,
> which enables us to receive donations. Replicant is not yet recognized
> as a FSF-endorsed fully free system by the way.

Ah, my fault. I should have written: FSF supported (meaning endorsement
and donations program).

> I'm starting to work back on the GTA04 as I tested the latest 4.2 images
> and apparently, suspend/resume is going fine for me. Now I realize I
> have been totally wrong not wanting to go for mainline and trying to use
> other 3.0 kernel for the GTA04.
> There is still a lot of work to do so I'll start slowly by moving the
> Replicant gta04 device to 4.2 and working from there.
> Note that I am not going to base my 4.2 work off the goldelico trees
> since I don't like some of the major changes that were done there. More
> about that to come on separate threads.

Please tell us more.

>> In the long run we hope that the official Replicant is taking and re-integrating our
>> work since running a fork is not optimal for anybody.
> That would be best. If we really want to have a single source for
> Replicant on GTA04, we'll need to agree on a few technical points
> beforehand.
> Finally, I won't have access to the GTA04 during the week, so expect me
> to be able to work on it only during the week-ends. While I wish I could
> work on the GTA04 every week-end, I know this is not going to happen as
> I have to manage the whole project and the 11 other supported devices as
> well as starting the Allwinner port of Replicant (for a large variety of
> devices).

Yes, I can imagine that managing so many different devices does not leave
much time for the individual one.


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