[Gta04-owner] Graphics SDK 5_01_01_01

Dr. H. Nikolaus Schaller hns at goldelico.com
Fri Apr 25 19:33:24 CEST 2014

sorry for the late reply.

Am 19.04.2014 um 12:42 schrieb Josua Mayer:

> # Now with attachment
> Am 18.04.2014 22:54, schrieb Josua Mayer:
>> Hello everyone,
>> a while ago there was a new graphics sdk released by TI and I now
>> took the time to get it to build for our 3.12 kernel,
>> 3.12-wip-pvrsgx. I also checked if it would build against the
>> 3.12.7 branch now, but it doesn't, the reset-framework patches in
>> the wip branch are still needed.
> ....
>> I haven't yet done any testing on the device, but will do that as
>> soon as I have set myself up a fresh system on sdcard. I will then
>> report if there are any problems running the GLES demos, or if
>> everything is just working fine.
> Hello again,
> So I have performed 2 test runs now using a fresh debian-wheezy
> system, and my self-compiled kernels.
> First test:
> goldelico 3.12-wip-pvrsgx merged with 3.12.7, pvr modules builtin, debug
> kernel panic at startup, see attached wip3127.log

Yes, that one was abandoned because I was not able to get it up and running.

> Second test:
> goldelico 3.12-wip-pvrsgx merged with 3.12.7, pvr modules not built
> pvr modules compiled directly from graphics sdk
> boots fine
> modprobe pvrsrvkm fails with the following message:
> root at gta04:/usr/local/lib# modprobe pvrsrvkm
> [  359.127838] PVR: PVRCore_Init
> [  359.139831] PVR: PVRSRVDriverProbe(pDevice=bf26cb90)
> [  359.154907] pvrsrvkm pvrsrvkm: PVRSRVDriverProbe: error:
> reset_control_get
> [  359.170318] pvrsrvkm: probe of pvrsrvkm failed with error -2
> [  359.177551] PVR: PVRCore_Init: major device 245

Yes, I remember that there is something wrong with the "reset framework".

TI isn't doing a really good job in making things compatible to mainline
Linux (which is to some extent understandable - but makes it very complex
if you don't want to use a TI kernel).

> I intend to do another test of 3.12-wip-pvrsgx without merged 3.12.7,
> tomorrow, though I guess there is little point.
> Maybe anyone wants to invest soem time into PVR (or just swear loudly,
> feel free!) and find out whats going on here.

Generally my hope is that the 5.0 SDK can be made working on the 3.12
(or 3.15) kernel.

> So far have a nice weekend everyone

Thanks and same for this new weekend!


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