[Gta04-owner] GPS support in Replicant 4.2

Paul Kocialkowski contact at paulk.fr
Thu Apr 24 23:05:27 CEST 2014

I'm very happy to announce that GPS support is now complete on the
"upstream" Replicant 4.2 tree!

The performances of the chip are quite outstanding too, and getting a
fix is really fast with the internal antenna outdoors. It is even better
with an external antenna. Precision is also real good: it can tell which
side of the street I'm standing on!

Here is a photo of my device with a location fix, using the OsmAnd
application, available on F-Droid:

Regarding the implementation, it's already pushed on the gta04 device
repository over at
https://gitorious.org/replicant/device_goldelico_gta04 (branch
While I wrote the GPS module from scratch (and licensed it under the GNU
GPLv3+, as well as the rest of the repository), reading the Freerunner's
GPS implementation was very helpful too.

Note that the serial is hanging when closing it. The close call takes up
to ~5 seconds and is apparently waiting for that to happen:
[ 5124.375305] GPS down
[ 5124.382904] GPS up
[ 5124.408477] GPS SET to 1
[ 5124.411834] GPS idle

Is there something I'm doing wrong? The relevant piece of code is at:

Note that this isn't a problem at all, it just introduces a small delay
when closing the application and opening it back in less than 5 seconds.

Paul Kocialkowski, Replicant developer

Replicant is a fully free Android distribution

Website:        http://www.replicant.us/
Wiki/Tracker:   http://redmine.replicant.us/
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