[Gta04-owner] educationnal purpose

Cyril Firmin cyril.firmin at laposte.net
Thu Apr 10 22:25:23 CEST 2014


I'm a french teacher and a GTA02 owner,

I wanted to study in my class (engineering class) the GTA02,
since it's discontinued I oriented my interest in the GTA04.

I want to study the hardware not the software
I already have some project in mind :

- Designing a new case and integration for all the addon module (with 
Solidworks CAD tool), finality will be a 3D printed prototype
- Studying the power consumption (matlab simulation)
- Studying in a simple way the GPS fonction (cinematic)
- Integrate in the case a solar panel recharging module
- and more to come.....

I'd like to know if you had established a functionnal specification for 
the GTA04

I read the archive and found some interesting thread about the battery 
I also found some material for starting with :
the case's CAD file, schematics,...

I'd also like to discuss about your designing process of the hardware.

Best regard,

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