[Gta04-owner] QtMoko v57

Radek Polak psonek2 at seznam.cz
Tue Sep 17 20:35:09 CEST 2013

QtMoko v57 is out now. You can upgrade from v56 with:

	apt-get update
	apt-get upgrade

but before you do, please read on. There is bug in Modem.conf file. After 
upgrading please do:

	nano /opt/qtmoko/etc/default/Trolltech/Modem.conf

and add quotes around AT_OPSYS=0,2 to read:


I'm now rebuilding the .deb to have this fixed.

Here is list of changes since v56:

  * AT_OPSYS settings are now stored in Modem.conf
  * AT_OPSYS settings can be easily changed via NeoControl
  * clever charging for gta04
  * charging log
  * better sysfs display for gta04 in neocontrol

So if you prefer to use 3G over 2G, you can just launch NeoControl and set 
AT_OPSYS=3,2 and press "Save" button as shown here[1].

As for the clever charging - it is described in this mail.

Charging graphs are implemented in NeoControl. They look like this [3]. The 
graph is stored in /var/log/charging You can configure logging interval. 
Please be aware that logging is wearing off your SD card - but it should not 
be big problem... You can enable temporary logging via Settings->Logging and 
the log will be then stored in memory.

That's all, hoping it will work good for you.



[1] http://scap.linuxtogo.org/files/4be5344331a0ca63708e45d1f49c59c0.png
[2] http://lists.goldelico.com/pipermail/gta04-owner/2013-
[3] http://scap.linuxtogo.org/files/ffc8847d97aeaebd18d921fd9067539f.png

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