[Gta04-owner] Touch screen patch for Android

Alexander Rumyantsev ran at mail.wplus.net
Fri Sep 13 14:34:09 CEST 2013


> Is this a patch for the Replicant tree and what does it do?
Really YES.
Here is a description from discussed module:
> Use the time specified in the event instead of the current time
> so that downstream code can get more accurate estimates of
> event dispatch latency from the time the event is enqueued onto
> the evdev client buffer.
> The event's timestamp fortuitously uses the same monotonic clock
> time base as the rest of Android.  The kernel event device driver
> (drivers/input/evdev.c) obtains timestamps using ktime_get_ts().
> The systemTime(SYSTEM_TIME_MONOTONIC) function we use everywhere
> calls clock_gettime(CLOCK_MONOTONIC) which is implemented as a
> system call that also queries ktime_get_ts().
So I decide to try to use  current time for event and get some
It is necessary to look more carefully to this android module and
kernel's  drivers/input/evdev.c , but I am to busy at my work and really
have not free time. I publish this in hope that community will solve the
problem slightly quicker than I will do.
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