[Gta04-owner] Power consumption with 3.12

Benjamin Deering ben_deering at swissmail.org
Thu Nov 7 13:41:53 CET 2013

Hello all,

My gta04 is working pretty well right now, even if there are several 
hacks required.

I can listen to the radio, take pictures, use gps, send and receive 

Right now the biggest problem is power consumption.

For a while, the phone would use ~600ma at boot (this was the wifi power 
problem) until I scanned for wifi access points and turned it off 
again.  After this I would see idle power ~195ma and suspend ~80ma.

Starting with the first kernel to fix this bug, I saw idle power closer 
to 300ma and suspend still around 80ma.

I just tried disabling omap3_isp and am again seeing ~200ma at idle but 
I doubt that is related to the wifi change.  With omap3_isp disabled I 
did see 53-56ma suspend.

https://linuxtv.org/patch/7836/  I don't fully understand this, but it 
sounds like they disable some cpuidle features when camera is active, 
but maybe our camera driver says it is always active?  Maybe I will try 
to look at this tonight.

Another change I noticed in newer kernels is that iio drivers don't seem 
to allow for powering things off (polling rate can't be set to 0, etc).  
I will try making hmc a module and disabling it to see if there is an 


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