[Gta04-owner] GTA04A5 - revitalization?

Dr. H. Nikolaus Schaller hns at goldelico.com
Wed Nov 6 16:10:39 CET 2013

Hi all,
after the Neo900 campaign was unexpectedly successful so far that I am now thinking
of doing a similar thing to revitalize the GTA04A5 idea.

For those who don't remember - the last variant that was built is the GTA04A4 revision
which can still be improved. After so much time it even must be improved, because
some components are no longer available to buy. E.g. the BMA accelerometer, the
FETs used for the charging circuitry and I just learned yesterday that the OV9655 camera
module is also no longer available (unless we are lucky to find a compatible one in
China) and must be replaced by something as close as possible.

There is also the idea to allow for an alternate earpiece receiver and vibramotor
and UMTS antenna to make it easier to build a complete device e.g. from 3D print,
without still needing an old GTA02 just for these 3 components.

So the GTA04A5 was and will be planned to be a minor redesign, also taking some
other issues into account (improved management of the UMTS module, GPS pulse
per second, separate power down for IrDA and RS232).

Now with the Neo900 at the horizon, there may also be the chance to swap the UMTS

It looks as if the Cinterion PHS8 [1] would be a good replacement for the GTM601:
same thickness and even a little smaller. And most likely with a more modern
firmware, but of course completely different vendor specific AT commands. The good
thing is that it just needs a simple registration to download a full set of documentation,
i.e. no longer the NDA covered incomplete AT command list we had from OPTION.

Well, we won't be able to develop a completely new device (e.g. things like OMAP5,
4GB RAM, better display and LTE are beyond the possibilites :). But a slight upgrade
appears to be doable with not too much efforts and sharing some components with
the Neo900 making both devices become a little cheaper.

And to "kickstart" this effort, I propose that it becomes possible to buy vouchers that
can either be paid back (if it turns out that we never will have a GTA04A5) or can be
used to finally buy an GTA04A5. Vouchers could start at 100 EUR to make it easier
to express that you want to have one now. Instead of prepaying the full price with
completely unclear outcome.

And, there could also be an initial donation phase (like for the the Neo900) to fund
the remaining development cost (which would be much lower than the Neo900 which
starts almost from scratch).

What do you think?


[1]: http://m2m.gemalto.com/tl_files/cinterion/downloads/datasheets/gemalto_datasheet_PHS8_web.pdf

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