[Gta04-owner] suspend current while modem is off

Andreas Kemnade andreas at kemnade.info
Mon Nov 4 19:06:54 CET 2013


my qtmoko installation is able to reach around 20 mA suspend current. I
was wondering why I never reach that with my ordinary setup. I tried to
power off everything before suspend, even including the modem. After
some more experiments and looking at the qtmoko code to see if it does
any tricks I found out that the suspend current is *increased* if modem
is powered off via gpio186.
I have not experienced any excessive battery drain while the phone is
fully off.
Can others see the same behaviour? So the usb port is doing some evil
things of no device is connected?!
I have not checked that with the new 3.12 kernel yet.

Andreas Kemnade

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