[Gta04-owner] gta04-replicant project

Alexander Rumyantsev ran at mail.wplus.net
Sat Nov 2 07:10:59 CET 2013


Thank you for attantion to my remark

> > Does anyone control actual status of:
> > 
> > http://projects.goldelico.com/p/gta04-replicant/page/Replicant-4/
> > 
> > The result of repo sync at moment:
> > Fetching projects:  68% (193/283)  Fetching project gta04-kernel.git
> > error: Unable to find f24d0f3a55794c6873cc8bf8079a1a0f1bc45992 under
> > http://git.goldelico.com/gta04-kernel.git
> > Cannot obtain needed object f24d0f3a55794c6873cc8bf8079a1a0f1bc45992
> > error: Fetch failed.
> Hi,
> the documentation page should be up to date.
I have try to follow document above from scratch twice ( with long time 
"repo sync" downloading about 19G of data replicant project ) 
and some attempt to try avoid problem locally. ( For example to clone gta04-kernel repo
myself and so )
I get problem when I try to Get the Goldelico extensions over fresh created replicant 
local repo with 
"repo sync gta04-replicant.git gta04-replicant-device.git gta04-replicant-vendor.git gta04-kernel.git"
after downloading ".repo/local_manifests/gta04.xml".
More over I check, that I can use this  fresh created replicant local repo itself for build own replicant
Please check. 

> There might be something wrong with your local git repo... did you
> cancel the transaction while fetching gta04-kernel.git via http? This
> might break it and you'd need to start over.
> Or there might be something wrong with the server, but I think Nikolaus
> confirmed it once to be functional.
> BR,
>   Lukas
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