[Gta04-owner] openSUSE 12.3 available

Christoph Bänsch chrissi1a at gmx.net
Sat May 18 11:33:04 CEST 2013

> Hi everybody,
> I can now say that openSUSE 12.3 for ARM runs on the GTA04.
> The current state is a bootable image that runs on one sdcard partition
> Here is what has been done:
> + create dummy bootloader to take care of bootargs.scr generation and automatic symlinks /boot/{uImage,bootargs.scr}
> + package neil-plus kernel
> + set up USB Network (
> + add Maliit onscreen keyboard to login screen
> + modify lightdm greeter so the keyboard doesn't hide it
> + modify the JeOS and XFCE packages of opensuse arm port to generate images for gta04
> All the work is done in home:mayerjosua:GTA04 project on build.opensuse.org,
> Images are available here.
> What could be done(not ordered):
> + make rpm package of the powervr userspace libraries (I already did that for Mer) but its not so much use without DRI
> + add gta04 patches on top of standard suse kernel
> + add onscreen keyboard to yast2-firstboot
> + Maliit onscreen keyboard improvement
> + run touchscreen calibration on startup
> + new lightdm greeter that fits our screen well
> Feel free to haev a lot of fun with it.
> Regards
> Josua Mayer
> PS: root-password is linux

Today I installed openSUSE on my SD Card. It works good! Thank you for your work!

But: I have had some problems.

XFCE will not start automatically. I have no idea why. 
I Pluged the serial cable in. I entered 'startx' because I thought the XServer isn't running.
Now the XServer runs and XFCE started correctly. 

I saw the onscreen Keyboard only one time. I looks great!! I think after improve the keyboard it will be the best onscreen keyboard. 

I have noticed that the WLAN device isn't working (or I'm just too stupid to make it work.)
I think it is because of the missing patches.

But In summary, I can say it's very greatful!  Thank you very much!

Christoph Bänsch 

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