[Gta04-owner] dbus crashing with SIGBUS after suspend/resume

Radek Polak psonek2 at seznam.cz
Wed Jun 26 21:22:01 CEST 2013

if you try to use latest QtMoko v55 you'll soon find it unusable for daily 
phone. We have tracked it down (thanks Christ) to dbus crashing with SIGBUS 
after a few suspend/resumes.

My setup is as following:

GTA04A4 with QtMoko v55 (has latest Neil's 3.7 kernel compiled with standard 
debian armhf gcc). The phone automatically suspends after 40s.

N900 which has simple script that dials GTA04 every 60 seconds.

Few calls are ok. But then QtMoko stops working. The reason is that dbus 
crashed after receiving SIGBUS and QtMoko cant work without dbus.

I have setup kernel and rootfs so that it produces coredumps. It appears that 
also udev and rsyslogd crashed. The crash happens in syscall (epoll_wait() for 
dbus and udev and in read() for rsyslogd). To me it looks that someone must 
have sent the SIGBUS to these daemons.

Any ideas how to debug this further? I guess all distros will be affected by 
this problem.

I'll try some older QtMoko versions now to see if the problem is new or if it 
was there before too, but any ideas are welcome.



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